A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is an office telephone system that provides your business with telephone features like call transfer, call hold, call-park, call waiting, auto-attendant and voicemail. A Hosted service means that we host the phone system in our facilities and you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX. Aasani business-grade PBX service provides local, long distance and international calling and standard business PBX features. It offers your organization a one-stop, fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly traditional telephone carriers and PBX vendors.

Hosted PBX is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional copper phone lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The entire telephone network throughout the world is slowly converting to VoIP. Every VOIP telephone has a unique IP Address. Thus Hosted PBX translates the public phone network to an IP address. When a phone number is dialed, the Hosted PBX switch looks up the IP address and delivers the call to the VOIP telephone.

Hosted PBX provides great features and easy install and management. These benefits include: Easy installation – phones plug into your existing Local Area Network (LAN) Easy expansion – just add phones without more PBX hardware or upgrades Low capital expenditure – purchase only phones, not an expensive PBX system Free moves, adds, changes or self-service – no need for a PBX expert Location independence – you can use the same PBX across multiple sites Telecommuting for remote workers and home offices Portability- move your phones to a new office without hassle Enhanced features – voicemail to email, simultaneous ring to cell phones etc. One-stop service for local, long distance and PBX

Aasani provides 99.9% up time and offers downtime credits. Aasani is not responsible for incidents beyond its control, such as failure in the customer’s LAN or customer’s ISP. Aasani Hosted PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your traditional phone company. Our Hosted PBX system quality begins with the implementation of the Broadsoft switching platform, also used by major carriers like ATT and Verizon. Our Hosted PBX system is built with redundant network servers and redundant internet and power in a hardened, carrier quality co-location facility. We then increased our redundancy by creating two separate switching centers that are fully redundant and mirrored, so that any natural disaster at one site will not bring our hosted PBX system down.

Yes all numbers you buy or port to us are owned by you.

Yes. We do not require that you buy dedicated internet service from Aasani. We guarantee high voice quality over third party internet service providers (ISP) with proper pre-installation testing and the installation of an Edgemarc router. We support Cable, DSL, FIOS, and any other high speed fiber connection. We do not guarantee good voice quality on wireless internet or satellite internet.

SIP is the acronym for Session Initiated Protocol standard, a VoIP protocol standard. It is widely adopted as the preferred industry standard by phone and switch manufacturers and is used by Aasani. Avoid proprietary protocols, like Cisco Skinny, or old protocols such as H323 or MGCP.

1. Customer completes a site survey questionnaire and internet speed test
2. Customer provides a list of extensions, names, emails and auto-attendant script
3. Customer signs Letter of Agency to port numbers (can occur after install as well)
4. Aasani customizes the PBX to meet customers requirements. Aswell as any initial training required.
5. Phones are drop shipped from the warehouse
6. Edgemarc router is pre-programmed for the customer network and shipped.
7. Install time is scheduled with tech support
8. Customer installs router with remote tech support help and un-boxes and installs phones.
9. Aasani provides admin and end-user training via web conference at customer’s convenience. 10.
We allocate approximately 80KBPS for each concurrent phone call, using the highest voice quality codec G711. So if you need five concurrent phone calls, you will need around 400KBPS (80×5). DSL is typically 1.5MBPS down and 768KBPS up and thus can easily handle five calls. Phone calls create two-way traffic, so the slower uplink speed (i.e.768KBPS) is the governing factor. If there are bandwidth limitations, we can change the compression to G729 and consume only 30KBPS per call. To guarantee perfect voice quality in all traffic conditions, Aasani installs an Edgemarc call quality router which prioritizes voice traffic over data and prevents the data traffic from degrading the voice.
Installation is free, with the exception of phone number setup charges which are $3 for each number.
Call or send an email to support@aasani.net letting us know you are cancelling or moving service to another provider. We will work to ensure a smooth transition. The full charges during the month of cancellation are payable. We do not prorate partial months on cancellation.
No. You can buy phones from other distributors. However, our pricing is equal or better than most internet web-sites. We recommend that you purchase phones from Aasani to ensure the correct models are ordered and to guarantee timely delivery and implementation.
Yes, you can upload any recorded greeting or music on hold, or you can call in to the voice portal to record new auto-attendant greetings on an ad-hoc basis. If you have audio file from your old PBX, you can transfer it. Aasani will record your custom auto-attendant greeting during the installation free of charge and will install a generic, royalty free music-on-hold.
VoIP Phones can be shipped overnight and PBX service established in one day in emergency circumstances. However, the typical installation takes around a week, which is the time necessary to deliver phones via Fedex-Express ground, schedule an install, configure and train.
Savings can be as high as 70% over your existing services. These savings are achieved by: Low capital expenditure – purchase only commodity phones, not a PBX system. Lower circuit costs – your voice and data can share your broadband internet connection Lower monthly fees and free minutes compared to traditional telcos. Lower management costs – moves, adds changes are free.
Yes, Aasani can add VoIP SIP trunks to your existing PBX and mix and match hosted phones with your PBX. This is often the case where a company owns a perfectly good PBX at their headquarters but has expanded to remote offices and remote workers. The remote sites will receive hosted phones. This will permit extension dialing between the traditional PBX and the hosted phones, and combine all extensions under a single, hosted auto-attendant.
Yes, we offer hunt groups at no additional charge. A hunt group can ring a group of phones on a sequential or simultaneous basis. We also have a Call Center option which does sophisticated call queuing and statistical reporting on call center agents.
Aasani offers customer service from 6am to 12PM EST Monday-Sunday. Advanced technical support for Hosted PBX troubleshooting is available Monday-Friday 8am to 7PM. All support personnel are based in the Europe. All moves, adds and changes to your system and remote training are provided free of charge.
For typical installations, the person that manages your computer network will install the phones. This admin person will first install a pre-programmed Edgemarc router with the assistance of our remote technical support personnel. Then he unboxes and plugs in the phones to the LAN and assigns an extension using the phone keypad. Configuration files are automatically downloaded. There is an Ethernet switch in each phone so it can share the same cable drop with a computer. Aasani can provide on-site personnel but will charge an additional hourly installation fee.